The Vibrant Feminine is a collective of information and resources - for all women of all ages - that want to change, improve, or more deeply understand and connect with their menstrual experience. 

Beyond pain, discomfort, depression and in/fertility, is a link to ourselves that over the ages has been periodically celebrated, repressed and feared, but perhaps most significantly, largely misunderstood.

Through understanding and education, and the right physical and emotional support provided by herbal and nutritional medicines, we can recreate our menstrual experience, and tap into a part of ourselves otherwise hidden, waiting for us to acknowledge, embrace and claim her. 


People / Sites / Blogs

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Books / Authors

The Pill - Jane Bennet

The Goddess & The Shaman - JA Kent

The Dark Goddess - Jane Meredith

Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom - Christiarne Northrup

Women Who Run With the Wolves - Clarissa Pinkola-Estes

The Wise Wound - Penelope Shuttle