Naturopathic philosophy believes that each of us is of a unique constitution, and that in the right conditions, our body is capable of healing itself. It also follows the ideals of gentle, safe treatment, with the fewest risk factors possible. Natural therapies becomes more evidence based every day, with a wealth of scientific studies and insights to back traditions and theories used for centuries the world over. 

Instead of focusing solely on a diagnosis or disease state, Naturopathy recognises that the most important element of treatment is you - as a whole, integrated being. When you treat the whole person, you treat their heart and mind as much as their body, so that changes can be maintained. Your body is a complex structure, equalling far more than the sum of its parts. 

By identifying the underlying pattern that is driving the dysfunction within your body, treatment can be directed specifically to support your body's natural healing capacity.


Rebecca's Qualifications

Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy)

Cert IV Kinesiology

Mem. Naturopaths & Herbalists Association of Australia

Student of the School of Shamanic Womancraft

What's involved in a Naturopathic Consultation?

Your Health History

You may have noticed that a Naturopathic Consultation tends to go for longer than most other health modalities. This is because as Naturopaths, we are interested in more than your presenting complaint, disease state, or the primary issue. We also understand that physical health goes beyond physical cause, and will integrate your mental and emotional wellbeing into our naturopathic understanding of your case. Getting to know how your body functions as a complex whole is at the core of Naturopathic philosophy, and helps us guide focused, individualised treatment. Your consultation will include discussing your presenting complaint, your health history, and your families health history, allowing us to identify patterns of dysfunction, and guiding treatment. If you have had any test results in the last 12 months, please bring them along with you, or email a copy in advance.

Naturopathic Diagnosis

To add to the information gathered from your history, there are several traditional and modern Naturopathic diagnostic techniques which may be utilised to best understand your case and current state of health. Your Naturopath may analyse your iris, tongue, nails or pulse, take your blood pressure, examine problem areas such as in skin disorders, or the abdomen in gastro-intestinal issues. A dietary and digestive analysis is an important element of Naturopathic medicine, as it will assist us in ascertaining if there is nutritional deficiency or excess, and will help us identify potential gut issues such as reduced absorption, or food sensitivities. Pathology testing or hair mineral analysis may also be recommended to more specifically identify biochemical and functional problems, or nutritional deficiencies. 

Treatment & Prescriptions

Naturopathic treatments and prescription will vary from case to case, and are individually tailored for each person. We take into consideration you constitution, what has or hasn't worked for you in the past, any concurrent prescription medications, your lifestyle and your budget. Your prescription may include any or several of the following:

  • Herbal medicine in tablet, liquid or tea form
  • Nutritional supplementation in tablet or powder form
  • Dietary recommendations and/or protocols
  • Flower Essences, Tissue Salts or Homeopathics
  • Lifestyle modifications or exercise
  • Mindfulness, stress management and emotional wellbeing techniques
  • Topical creams, oils, or bath preparations
  • Referrals where appropriate

What conditions can Naturopathy address?

Naturopathy can address many elements of the body, including but not limited to:

  • Fatigue, Insomnia & Stress-related Dysfunction
  • Digestive Disorders & Symptoms
  • Hormonal Imbalances & Irregularities
  • Mental & Emotional Health & Wellbeing
  • Mood & Behavioural Disturbances
  • Immune & Autoimmune Conditions
  • Acute & Chronic Infection or Disease
  • Skin Disorders & Allergies
  • Weight Loss, Detoxification & Elimination Support
  • Women’s Health, Fertility & Reproductive Disorders
  • General Health, Wellbeing & Preventative Support


Herbal Medicine


Herbal Medicine relates to the use of plant substances in different formats and applications being applied to the body to support healing. The use of plants as medicine pre-dates humans - if you have ever seen a dog eating the weeds in your lawn, you have witnessed the instinctive application of herbal medicine in action!

Different plants have different properties, from varying vitamin and mineral contents, to their individual 'phytonutrients', or constituents, that give each plant their individual actions. 

By utilising the knowledge that makes up the Western Materia Medica (the compilation of western herbal medicinal plants), herbs can be chosen based on their specific chemical make-up, and therefore their specific actions within the body. By combining herbs that target different elements of treatment, a synergistic effect takes place, creating a multi-faceted approach to your condition.


Nutritional Medicine


'Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food'. Hippocrates, what a guy! He knew that you are what you eat, and that food could be as healing and sustaining as it is fun and enjoyable. Understanding the properties of certain foods and how they can be applied to ailments of the body and mind means we can utilise our dietary options to support our way to health. From garlic for the common cold, to rosemary for enhancing cognition and focus, food can be a powerful tool in our health repertoires. 

What we eat is very literally what the body uses to rebuild itself both in the short and long term. Did you know that your skeleton is completely rebuilt with new elements every 7-10 years? Just think of how strong we are all capable of being if we feed our bodies with the best tools and fuel we can muster! Understanding the nature and nurture of different foods can help you achieve better health by providing you with the a stable foundation.


Functional Testing


Functional testing can help your Naturopath decipher the specific mechanism of your body's actions, and help you discover the underlying issues that drive disease or dysfunction. Using a wide variety of different available testing through several capable labs, your naturopathic consultation may utilise testing to specifically analyse the following:

  • Hormone Profiles to determine Levels, Function, & Metabolism
  • Mineral Excess & Deficiency via Hair Mineral Analysis
  • Liver Function & Detoxification processes
  • Specific Pathogenic enquiries using Breath, Blood, Urine or Stool samples
  • Food Sensitivities or Allergies
  • Monitoring of Immune status and specific conditions
  • Genetic Testing for Inherited Disorders or Disease

For consultation costs, please contact the clinic in your area directly.

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