...if there was a more natural approach to Health & Wellbeing, that supported your deepest self in body, mind and spirit to truly heal and flourish from within?


Naturopathic Medicine offers an alternative to symptomatic, quick fix treatment. 

Instead of focusing solely on a diagnosis or disease state, Naturopathy recognises that the most important element of treatment is you - as a whole, integrated being. 

When you treat the whole person, you treat their heart and mind as much as their body, so that changes can be maintained. Your body is a complex structure, equalling far more than the sum of its parts. 

By identifying the underlying pattern that is driving the dysfunction within your body, treatment can be directed specifically to support your body's natural healing capacity.


... or if it was possible, as a woman, to change the cycle of pain and discomfort to one of understanding and opportunity?



The Vibrant Feminine is a collective of information and resources - for all women of all ages - that want to change, improve, or more deeply understand and connect with their menstrual experience. 

Beyond pain, discomfort, depression and in/fertility, is a link to ourselves that over the ages has been periodically celebrated, repressed and feared, but perhaps most significantly, largely misunderstood.

Through understanding and education, and the right physical and emotional support provided by herbal and nutritional medicines, we can recreate our menstrual experience, and tap into a part of ourselves otherwise hidden, waiting for us to acknowledge, embrace and claim her. 



Naturopathic medicine can identify dysfunction within your body, and heal it naturally. 



Discover the mental or emotional patterns keeping you out of balance to regain and maintain alignment.


These natural health modalities work in co-operation to help you find a deeper sense of health, and self. Treating the physical is only one part of the process. Naturopathy & Kinesiology are tools that can bring you back into alignment by listening and responding to what your body needs for vibrant health.

β€œWhat I most often see in my clinic are men & women that are tired, feeling low, tense or overwhelmed, and are unsure of where the answers lie to help them make real, lasting changes.”


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